The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) has sent a letter to the Senate and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff General Gilbert Gapay stating the following in relation to its remittances and contributions to the AFP:

  1. BCDA posted its highest contributions to the AFP amounting to Php15.16 billion during the first three years of the Duterte administration, which is even higher than the contributions made during the entire six years of the previous administration;
  2. BCDA’s contributions to the AFP under the present administration already constitute 33 percent of the total contributions made since 1993;
  3. BCDA posted a record-high remittance to the National Government during the first three years of the Duterte administration amounting to Php16.367 billion;
  4. There are NO unremitted earnings of Php13.2 billion. BCDA has diligently remitted the share of all government agencies, especially the AFP, as mandated by law every year. The amount described is the unutilized amount of the BCDA remittances that are still in the Bureau of Treasury and have yet to be appropriated.

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