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READ: BCDA MOUs with China Companies for Big-ticket Projects

(Full Access to Signed MOUs)

In the spirit of transparency and cooperation with the citizenry, BCDA is sharing the MOUs signed by the agency and Chinese companies for its four (4) #bigticket projects in mass transport and smart city solutions.

The projects: the #SubicClarkRailway, the BGC to NAIA3 #busrapidtransit, and #ClarkGreenCity township, and smart/safe city projects.

These are the MOUs signed by BCDA with the CFLD (Singapore) Investment PTE. LTD.; China Harbor Engineering Company, Ltd for the Subic-Clark Railways Project; the China Road and Bridge Corporation for the BGC-NAIA BRT Segment of the Edsa BRT System; and Huawei Technology Phils., Inc. (Huawei) for the BCDA Safe and Smart Cities Project. 

Full access to signed MOUs in China via this link: