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BCDA concludes SCTEX Price Challenge



The state-owned Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) did not receive a challenge for the rights, interest and obligations in the management, operation and maintenance of the 94-kilometer Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) directed by Malacanang.

Under the terms of reference for the price challenge, the agreement shall now be awarded to Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC). 

“We have observed all the transparency required for this deal and worked hard to preserve the integrity of the process,” BCDA president and chief executive officer Arnel Paciano D. Casanova said. “We are happy to move on and close this deal, proceed to working for the improvement of the service in SCTEX, and serve the public interest.”

The invitation to bid was placed in local and international publications.

“This just proves that the latest improved offer of MNTC is the best offer in the market,” Casanova added.