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Since 1992, BCDA has generated P72 billion in disposition proceeds from the sale, lease and/or joint venture development of former Metro Manila camps and their transformation into new premier mix-use districts.  The biggest two of which are Fort Bonifacio and Villamor Air Base, which are now known as Bonifacio Global City and Newport City, respectively.  BCDA's effective partnerships with leading private developers assured revenues for the country, bringing in more business and employment opportunities.  

Of the said amount, Php28.5 billion has been remitted to the National Treasury for the account of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), broken down into Php13.984  billion for the AFP modernization program and Php11.38 billion for military replication expenses. As mandated by R.A.7227 and amended by R.A. 7917, other beneficiaries are the contiguous municipalities of Taguig, Pateros and Makati, and 14 other government beneficiary agencies, receiving shares amounting to Php472 million and Php7.542 billion, respectively. On the other hand, some Php619 million went to the replication of non-military facilities affected by the developments, Php5.04 billion for taxes, duties and fees and Php7.37 billion to direct expenses like construction of site development projects, relocation and housing of informal occupants, survey, appraisal and titling expenses, as well as administrative costs. Further, Php14.07 billion went to the bases conversion program, the other major mandate under RA7227.

After BCDA remits the money to the Bureau of Treasury, the utilization and distribution of the remittances become the responsibilities of the Department of Budget and Management in accordance with the approved fiscal program of the government and shall release the share of the beneficiary agencies pursuant to the budget execution guidelines.

Bonifacio Global City in Fort Bonifacio
The 240-hectare Bonifacio Global City is now one of the premier business and residential districts in the country, with a combined gross floor area of 1.8 million square meters to be built within the next three years. Behind this development is BCDA, in partnership with the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC), composed of the formidable consortium of Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) and Evergreen Holdings, Inc. of the Campos Group. Locate the Bonifacio Global City

Newport City in Villamor Air Base
The 25-hectare former Villamor Air Base, now known as the Newport City, is the country’s world-class urban integrated tourism resort complex featuring a strong I.T. component and airport-related businesses.  It is developed by Megaworld Corporation, another real estate leader known for quality and innovative large-scale residential and office developments. Locate the Newport City

Other Metro Baselands
Planning, preparation and disposition of other BCDA assets such as the 5-hectare Camps Melchor and Atienza, the 1.2 hectare Philippine Navy Headquarters in Fort Abad and Camp Claudio are underway. Any queries?



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