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Poro Point Freeport Zone


The Poro Point Freeport Zone (PPFZ) is formerly known as the Wallace Air Station.  Subsequently, Proclamation No. 216 issued on July 27, 1993, transferred the lands to the BCDA and declared the area as a Special Economic and Freeport Zone.


The zone is home to the San Fernando Airport, which recently completed a P550-million peso upgrade into a regional airport of international standards that can accommodate larger aircrafts, such as Boeing 737 and Airbus 320.  Also, the 30-hectare San Fernando international seaport can accommodate all types of vehicles such as: cruise ships, roll-on roll-off vessels, motor tankers, barges, cargo vessels, motor tugboats, passenger vessels and fishing boats.

The Thunderbird Hotel and Resort offers the best in dining, leisure and entertainment activities.  Golf aficionados will surely enjoy the world-class nine-hole golf course, while families will enjoy the water activities at the Boardwalk and Promenade.


Getting There
Poro Point is located at the northwestern tip of North Luzon, west of the City of San Fernando in the province of La Union. It is accessible by land via the NLEX and SCTEX, sea and air; with approximate travel time of 5 hours from Manila and more than an hour from Baguio City and about 50 minutes flight-time to/from Manila.


Investment Incentives
The Freeport Status was affirmed through the enactment of Republic Act 9400 on March 2007. The presence of an airport and a seaport makes it an ideal location for commerce, distribution center and export-oriented activities.  Its strategic location and close proximity to the thriving economies in Southeast Asia also makes the Freeport an ideal springboard for access to these markets.

PPFZ offers liberal tax laws and incentives such as: a) tax- and duty-free importation of machineries, raw materials, supplies, and all other articles including finished goods; b) its management as a separate customs territory, ensuring free flow or articles within the Freeport zone; c) unlimited purchase and consumption of tax- and duty-free consumer goods within the PPFZ; d) no local and national taxes. In lieu of local and national taxes, PPFZ enterprises shall pay a preferential tax of 5% of gross income earned.

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